Saturday, October 22, 2016

Southern Squeezed

I feel lighter...I feel...better.  There is a place in the hay of Columbia SC called Southern squeezed.  It has cold pressed juices and mylks.  I need a reset and that's one of my places to go.  If you are ever in the area check them out.  The juice menu is delicious, and a treat for your body.  Check them out if you are ever in the area.  #southernsqueezed

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Delicious Shaved Brussel sprouts

I usually wake up a little late on Sundays....slept in.  Went to the store the other day and found some Shaved brussel sprouts, so decided to cook that this morning, and it turned out...delicious!!!  Yum!!!  I sprinkled feta cheese on mine, cause I love feta.  One of the many reasons I can't call myself a vegan....I can't give up my feta cheese!

1 bag Shaved brussel sprouts
1 small onion
2 tbsp butter
1 tbsp olive oil
25 ml balsamic vinegar
Sprinkle of feta cheese

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Choco-Peanut Butter-Banana Yum Yum Shake

Yep, I'm at it again.  Been feeling..........fat.  Yep.  Been feeling fat.  What does that feel like?  For me, bloated and uncomfortable.  I don't like feeling uncomfortable.  So, I am at it again.  I can't define what I am.  Vegan? Pecatarian? Vegetarian?  I dunno.  I just want to eat better to feel better.  I felt great when I was eating lots of back I go.  This was my breakfast this morning, and it was deliciousness!!!!

2 bananas
I tablespoon cacao powder
1 heaping tablespoon natural peanut butter
8 1/2 Oz of natural almond milk with vanilla
Cup of ice
Squeeze of Agave Nectar
Sprinkle of cinnamon

Monday, March 28, 2016

Total Life Changes will change your life, totally!

What is Total Life Changes you ask?  It is a wonderful company that has products that really work!  One thing that I have always suffered from if being tired.  I am a teacher and I work long days sometimes.  There was a time when I would come home and simply crash after work because I was so tired after my day.  There were so many missed events, lost hours, all because I was so very tired.  I missed out on alot because I was just so tired.  But not anymore.  I now take the NutraBurst vitamins from Total Life Changes and I have energy to spare at the end of the day.  And when I get in the bed at night, I have no problem going to sleep. Try it for your self!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Resolution Drops

Hey there!!  I am now using TLCs Resolution Drops!!  So far, so GREAT!!  These drops say that you can lose anywhere from 1-3lbs daily.  I promise, since I have been using the drops I have lost at least 1lb a day.  The first day I used them, I was down 3lbs.  Now, there were a few days I did not use as directed, and lets just say I started using them the right way again.  There is an eating plan that comes along with the Resolution Drops which is a 1200 calorie based eating plan that does not include sugar or flour.  I have been following the plan and so far, I love stepping on the scale.  My ideal weight is 130.  When I reach 170, 160, 150, 140 and finally 130, I will post my results.  If you would like more info, please click HERE to find out more info.  WATCH ME LOSE!!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2016

ClickMagick...for the internet marketer in YOU!

Hey there,

I just wanted to tell you about a killer new service called ClickMagick:

It's the next-gen click tracker, rotator and link manager that not only tracks all your clicks ...
... but it makes them an average of 56% more profitable!

There's nothing else like this out there. Check it out
for yourself and let me know what you think:


The challenge I have the most is drinking water.  I don't know why its so hard for me, but I plan to overcome it!!!  I purchased a water jug that holds 74.4 oz, and I am planning to sip on it all through the day.  Hopefully, this way, I will get all the water I need for today.  I will post a picture of my jug this morning, and then post again this evening, that way I can track myself publicly.  I think water is the essential part to any weight loss journey.  If you don't drink the water that your body needs, then everything that you attempt to do is for naught.  So I challenge you, drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water, or 8 cups daily.  Lets do it together!! Who's with me??

Heres my jug in case you are wondering!  There is a link below if you want to purchase your own.  Happy Water Drinking!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Yummy Eats!!

I really like Chic-Fil-a's new side salad!!!!  I put the grilled nuggets on it, with my Iaso Tea....delicious!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

IASO TEA, Cleanse your body, heal your life!

Mother Nature has provided for us all that we need to survive.  Everything!  The one thing I love about this tea is that it is a collection of potent herbs that naturally cleanse your system.  Check out this video that gives a great overview of the product.  If you are interested in learning more, please visit:

I love this tea, and have incorporated the tea and Nutraburst vitamins into my daily routine.  Check it out!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Total Life Changes! Change your life!!

So heres an update on what I'm doing.  I am so excited to share with you the products from Total Life Changes (TLC).  I have been trying these new products that are so awesome!!!  I am losing weight weekly.  I drink an all natural tea called Iaso Tea, that cleanses my system.  It works!!  I also drink a vitamin drink called Nutraburst that I absolutley love!  Its delicious and gives me energy that lasts all day long!!!!  I will be posting pictures and updates here of my weightloss me lose this weight all naturally!!  If you want to join me, visit this site,
 to learn more!!  Check out this amazing transformation below...are you ready to change????