Friday, November 22, 2013

Liar, liar

I am such a liar.  I want to do better, but for some reason I don't.  I have eaten meat...on two occasions.  I want to change my lifestyle.  The crazy thing is that I have done it before. I want to be comfortable in my skin again.  I am so very uncomfortable.  My belly hangs over my pants, I can't fit my clothes any longer....people ask me if I'm expecting and I HATE that!!!  I just feel as though my eating and my obese body are going on a downward spiral.  I'm beginning to hate what I see in the mirror.  It seems so easy to rectify...why am I having such a hard time?  I'm 42. I'm fat.  I need help.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mock chicken salad

This mock chiken tastes just like real chicken!!!  Delicious!!!

Today's breakfast and snack

I ate so badly yesterday that my stomach hurt ALOT!!!  I ate cornbread...about 3 pieces and broccoli and a spring roll.  I went to bed in pain mainly because I have not had a bowel I drank some smooth move tea and that helped to clear my clogged system.  I have the peppermint and the chocolate flavors.  I drink them without any sweetener.  When I change my eating habits, I have some problems with having a bowel movement so I drink the tea or something called Universal Mind.  Its absolutely disgusting, the Universal Mind,  but the funk of 40,000 years will be released!!!! Lol!!!  This is day 3 of eating differently, and I will post my weight next time.  The first post has my starting weight.....happy eating!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Yum!  I love pineapples!!  I had an Apple on my way to work and I'm snacking in these pineapples all day....well at least until they are gone.....sweet swweet pineapples!!! I am doing this 21 day raw food thing...but I don't like all of the I'm kind of doing the ones I like and free styling the rest!!  Hence....pineapples!!!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

We have got to do better

We are are OBESE!!!  I am 5'2 and 198.2 lbs my husband is 5'10 and weighs 277.  My daughter is 17, 5'3 and weighs 170.  We all need to lose weight and we will do it together.  My bmi is 40 and his is also over 40....I am not certain what my daughters BMI is, but it ain't good.  I will do my best to post my families efforts. Thanks!!!