Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Today's breakfast and snack

I ate so badly yesterday that my stomach hurt ALOT!!!  I ate cornbread...about 3 pieces and broccoli and a spring roll.  I went to bed in pain mainly because I have not had a bowel I drank some smooth move tea and that helped to clear my clogged system.  I have the peppermint and the chocolate flavors.  I drink them without any sweetener.  When I change my eating habits, I have some problems with having a bowel movement so I drink the tea or something called Universal Mind.  Its absolutely disgusting, the Universal Mind,  but the funk of 40,000 years will be released!!!! Lol!!!  This is day 3 of eating differently, and I will post my weight next time.  The first post has my starting weight.....happy eating!!

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