Monday, January 6, 2014

Starting again...again...and again

Today I weighed myself and I am 199lbs.....with my small 5'1 frame....that's unhealthy.  I went to the doctor, and on my notes it had a section for previous diagnosis.  Under that, it said obesity.  Obesity.  Wow.  I have this nagging back pain too.   Hate that.  I am doing this 21 day raw food challenge given by a young lady that I follow on YouTube named FullyRawKristina.  I love her energy and her spirit.  She is always very positive, and a little goofy, but I like that about her.  She runs a co-op in Texas, I believe, and she is passionate about raw foods and the health of all people, hence, her 21 day raw food challenge.  Her website is packed with great information about who she is, what she does and how she began her journey, and her fully raw meal plan.  And yes.....for free.  Not only is it FREE, but if you like and comment on all of her videos during the challenge, she will give you a free eBook.  Isn't that just awesomely amazing?  I mean, really...where they do that at??  I actually paid for a raw food program with Jinjee and Storm Talifero called The Garden Diet, but I did not get as much as what I feel I am getting from Kristina.  I am going to post what I do daily, as a way to keep me on track.  I always start and never finish, so this time I hope to finish with flying colors.  I will post pics of my meals daily as well.  I have to do something.  I feel like my body is on overload.  My body and spirit are tired, time for me to reboot myself!!  I included a picture of the Fully Raw challenge from Kristinas webpage.  

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