Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Today's eats

Today I started the day with some Berry Detox tea sweetened with organic Stevia.  I used a spoonful of Stevia....and man that stuff is sweet.  It's a different kind of sweet though...not like sugar, but still very good.  That Berry Detox tea is really strong, so the sweetener did nicely making it ok to drink.  I have a 32 Oz bottle of water and 32 Oz of Berry Pineapple smoothie.  I didn't like it at first, but I've been sipping all day.  It's grown on me.  I cut the cucumbers last night and seasoned them with sea salt and pepper and some Newmans Own Caesar Dressing.  That dressing is sooooo good...those cucumbers were so tasty.  I gave my husband a bigger serving than I gave myself...I won't do that again.  I also had HoneyCrisp apples.  I like those the best.  Had Red Delicious yesterday...they were not crisp, kind of soggy...I dunno.  I didn't like them.  Tonight Pineapple Mahi Mahi.  I don't think I've ever had Mahi Mahi before...I cooked it last night and of course I had to taste was really good.  I posted a pic in another post...looks good right??  Happy Eating!

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